La Quinta History

La Quinta, California has a very interesting and rich history that includes the conquistadors and Spanish traders of long ago but mainly revolves around the world famous La Quinta Resort which began in 1926. In it’s beginning, the resort was a main house sorounded by several Casitas. It later added a golf course that is currently the La Quinta Country Club. That course was later sold to it’s members and is now a prestigious private club located across the street from the Resort.

Here are some links to get more details on La Quinta’s history.

Wikipedia’s History of La Quinta
La Quinta Resort
La Quinta Country Club

La Quinta also has a Museum and a Historical Society.

Some of the upcoming events hosted by the Historical Society are:

January 24, 2009         Annual Event
Fiesta of History Dinner Dance
Historic La Quinta Hotel
5:30pm  Reservations required  $125.00

February 13, 2009        Brown Bag Lunch Series*
Highway 111 – The way it was 1935 – 1960
11:30am – 1:30pm  La Quinta Museum

March 21, 2009                 Bus Tour and Lunch
Palm Springs Museum, 1930 General Store, Air Museum
Guide: Air Museum Docent Don Arends
9:00am – 3:00pm  Reservations required  $45.00

April 21, 2009         Special Member Event
Secrets of The Hacienda Del Gato
9:00am – meet at the museum for orientation then
Carpool to Traditions for our tour.

May 2, 2009         Brown Bag Lunch Series*
Historical Casitas of the Cove
Speaker: Maggie Gordon, Author
10:45am – 12:30pm   La Quinta Museum

*Brown Bag Lunch Series is free and open to the public
Bring your own lunch – drinks are provided
La Quinta Historical Society
For information and reservations please call
Louise Neeley (760) 345-1106

La Quinta’s Cove

Just south of the city’s “Old Town” section, is a community known as the “La Quinta Cove”. It is a non gated community of about 5,000 homes that was developed in the late 70’s but it’s roots go back to the 1920’s or earlier when the area was known as Marshalls Cove and was used for farming. The majority of these homes are 2 – 3 bedrooms and about 1,400 – 1,800 sq ft but there are several larger homes mixed in also.

The Cove has it’s own association called the “Cove Neighborhood Association” which maintains a website that tells of the Cove’s History and list upcoming events as well as other useful information. Click here to visit the Association’s website…

The “Cove” runs from Old Town south up into the mountains and at the south end you can find the trail heads for the many hiking trails that lead you up to many scenic vistas. Click here to visit the trails and parks section of the City of Lq Quinta website

Click here to locate the Cove on our search map.

House Numbers

While using the map to search for properties, it is hard to know which side of a street the house is on because the icon may appear to be in the middle of the street. The house number will tell you the homes orientation. Odd house numbers are on either the west or south side while even numbers are on the north or east side.

On north-south streets, the first 2 digits are from the “Avenue” to the north. So if you were driving south on Jefferson, as you pass Avenue 48, the addresses would be 48-001 to 48-999 and then you would be at Avenue 49. So, if you saw an address of 50-123 you would know it was just south of Avenue 50 on the west side of the street.

East-west running streets are a little different in that ‘anchor’ streets have names. 78000 numbered homes start on the east side of Washington St. north of Fred Waring (Ave 44). Between Fred Waring and Hwy 111, Washington Street moves to the east so it can continue south next to the Santa Rosa Mountains so 78001 is a little west of Washington Street south of Fred Waring. 80000 is at Jefferson, 81000 is at Madison, 82000 is Monroe, Jackson is 83000 and Van Buren is 84000 etc.

One exception to this rule is when a street curves – an east/west street may continue it’s numbering system as it bends into a north/south street or vice versa.

If only Hwy 111 was parallel to anything, this valley would be really easy to find you way around in…

The city of La Quinta ranks among the richest in the nation.

I just read in the La Quinta Sun ( December 18) that La Quinta ranks 437 out of 2082 of the richest cities in the United States! As stated by La Quinta’s Assistant City Manager, Bret Plumlee,  “La Quinta is a great place to raise a family or retire.  It is a high-end community which offers many positive amenities…and outstanding service which provides a high quality of life for its residents and businesses.”

I couldn’t have said it better, and now is a sensational time to take advantage of buying real estate in our beautiful resort community of La Quinta. For example, we have two incredible deals in the Citrus right now at $699,000 and $700,000, among others. These are real values for golf course homes in La Quinta — especially within the gates of the private Citrus Club, which boasts 3 golf courses and has HOA dues in the low $300s (way below other comparable clubs). Click here to view all the listings in the Citrus Club.

Where are we really? or where we really are!

The Coachella Valley, one of the better places on the planet to live (in my humble opinion), makes up a large portion of the Colorado Desert, which is named after the river that is its eastern boundary. Although the Colorado Desert runs quite a way down into Mexico, the Coachella Valley is bordered by several distinct mountain ranges mostly in Riverside County and I have heard all of them referred to as the “Chocolate Mountains”

The bad news is that none of the mountains you see surrounding us are the Chocolate Mountains. The good news is that there really is a range called the Chocolate Mountains but they are mostly in Imperial County and aren’t really visible from north of the Salton Sea. The Chocolate Mountains are actually used by the Navy and Marines as an aerial and gunnery practice range and definitely off limits to people. They are east of the southern end of the Salton Sea.

The mountains most commonly referred to as the “chocolate mountains” are the mountains to our north. The same mountains that the afternoon sun paints so beautifully, are actually the “Little San Bernardino Mountains” that run east along the north side of I-10.

The Mountains that you see to our east and south of I-10 at called the Chuckwalla Mountains and they run south to the north end of the Chocolate Mountains. There aren’t any noteworthy ranges to the south of the Chocolates.

The western side of our valley is bordered by the San Jacinto mountain range. The most prominent mountain is named Mount San Jacinto and is 10,834 feet tall. It is on the south side of the San Gorgonio pass (I-10) and is snow covered most of the winter. The Palm Springs Aerial Tramway runs up the side of Mount San Jacinto to the 8,500-foot level. The San Jacinto Mountains are a relatively compact but tall range. On the north side of I-10 / San Gorgonio Pass is the tallest peak in southern California (7th tallest in the lower 48). Mount San Gorgonio (snow covered longer than Mt San Jacinto) makes up the eastern end of the San Bernardino Mountains and rises 11,499 feet above sea level.

The smaller Santa Rosa Mountains run from just south east of Mount San Jacinto (near Rancho Mirage – Palm Desert area) in a southeasterly direction to roughly the north end of the Salton Sea (just south of La Quinta). These are the mountains you see looking south beyond PGA WEST.

So, remember, you can’t really see the Chocolate Mountains from here and the San Bernardino and Little San Bernardino mountains are two distinct ranges and along with the San Gabriel range and others to their west are the only ranges in North America that run East – West but that is another story…

Things to do.

Whether you are here just visiting, a seasonal or full time resident or if you are making future plans,  we have an extraordinary amount of very different things to do. Obviously, there is a lot of golf – more than 120 courses – within the Coachella Valley and many welcome the public. Click to find local tee times.

Like the outdoors? There are several mapped trails throughout our local mountains including the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway up to the 8,500 foot level of Mount San Jacinto. Each town along the Santa Rosa range has maintained, mapped trails up into the local mountains.

We also have a great National Park – Joshua Tree – located on the mountain range to the northeast of Indio. There is an entrance from I-10 about 25 miles east of Indio.

If you would like to learn some pretty interesting stuff about our local geology including the famous San Andreas Fault try a great “Red Jeep Tour” where you can ride a Jeep into the fault and learn how/why Los Angeles will someday be north of San Francisco…

Learn what all those windmills are about and just how much energy they produce…

If you are more interested in indoor entertainment, there is a great theater show in Palm Springs – the Fabulous Palm Springs Follies – that is very entertaining for the mature crowd since the performers are between 57 and 85 years of age. A great theater for the performing arts is the McCallum Theater in Palm Desert.

Just want to go see a movie? Click here to see what’s playing and to buy your tickets.

Do you need to entertain the kids? Try Knot’s Soak City Water Park in Cathedral City.

Living Desert Zoo and Gardens in Palm Desert has lots of animals from all over the world.

Children’s Discovery Museum in Rancho Mirage

Palm Springs Air Museum has a great display of WWII aircraft.

How about a balloon ride over the valley?

Just want to go out and have a good time?

World-class shopping and art galleries on Palm Desert’s “El Paseo” shopping district.

Cabazon Outlets discount shopping at it’s best about 40 minutes west of the desert on I-10.

A lot of these websites offer additional info on local activities…

La Quinta Resort is having a Facelift.

If you have driven past the entrance to the La Quinta Resort lately, you have noticed that it is all torn up!  Some residents have been nervous about why those landmark cypress trees have been torn down.  Well, the answer is all good news for La Quinta!  The old cypress trees (over 60 years old) were removed because they have become diseased and tired.  They are being replaced with 100 younger cypress trees and 40 palm trees, which will give the entrance the same elegance with an upgrade. I just drove past today and it is already looking even better than before!

In addition to the entrance, the Resort face lift includes a total renovation to the main pool and the snack bar area. On Thursday, Dec. 4, 2008, The Desert Sun had  an article about all the scheduled renovations that will be taking place within the next 2 years at the Resort.  It is all very exciting and such positive news  at a time when we don’t hear much of that!

Searching For Properties

If you’ve come here to look for property, take a look at the Search Properties page.  It’s a map based search page using google maps and our local Desert Area MLS data.  (NOTE: The MLS data is updated every 25 minutes, so it’s always fresh and accurate).

There are 3 “levels” on the map: City, Community and Property levels (you can see these levels marked on the zoom bar on the top left part of the map). The city and community levels have aggregated information from the MLS about each city and community.  If you click on one of these color coded polygons, a popup will appear with this information (ie how many homes are for sale, average price per sqft etc.) There are 4 different types of Communities: “Gated Golf Course”,
“Non-Gated Golf Course”, “Gated Community” and “Non-Gated Community”.
These are distinguished by different colors and the legend for these colors is on
the “Map Layers” tab on the left side of the page.  You can choose to hide
or show whichever type of community you’re interested in.

If you zoom into the property level, you’ll see yellow icons that represent homes for sale. Click on one of these icons and you’ll get another info window with a few stats and a link to “view details”.  This link will give you a new page with full property details on that particular home.  If the property you’re looking at is on a public street (and not within a gated community), make sure you scroll down on the details page to see the google street view picture of the house. Street view is cool — you can move the image around to see the neighborhood and exterior of the house.

The website has both homes and land listed.  To search land, click on the “Land” tab on the left side of page and initiate your search.  Land icons are square and different from the home icons.

The search “filter” box on the left part of the page (which is the box with the “Residential”, “Land” tabs etc.) is intended primarily for the property level of the map. The only filter criteria that will work on the community level is price, so if you search for property in La Quinta between $500,000 and $700,000 and you’re on the community level on the map, the system will highlight the communities that have properties for sale in that price range (but if you search for other criteria like beds, pools, foreclosures, it won’t show this info until you zoom into the property level). Lastly, you can always search by “List” too and see your results in a more traditional list format.  There is cool feature on the list page too: If you start your search on the map, the property results on the list page are tied to the map page.  Whatever is on the map will appear on the list. It’s sometimes handy to zoom into an area on the map, and then look at the list page to view a list of properties on that map screen. All the columns on the list page are sortable, so you can sort by price to see the least expensive home available within the boundaries on the map, or sort by community to group the homes together by community.  You can always use the filter to search by City and Community on either the map or list page to bring up all properties available in a specific community. This is just the beginning! Play around and see what you think.

Thanks for visiting and please send us your thoughts.

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