Featured Community: PGA West

PGA West
Golf Course

PGA West is a special association, located on over 2,200 acres in sunny La Quinta, California. Within the PGA West association there are 7 separate gated communities which look out onto six different championship golf courses, with both public and private options for golf lovers. The courses were designed by 5 different golf legends including Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus, Tom Weiskopf, Greg Norman and renowned course designer Pete Dye. Within the PGA West gates there are three clubhouses (two public and one private), all offering dining options with spectacular views of the signatures courses and the Santa Rosa Mountains.

Within the private clubhouse there is the Health and Racquet Club which offers 19 tennis courts with Har-Tru Clay, hard and grass surfaces. In addition, the private Fitness center features state of the art Cardio and Aerobic machines, free weights, strength and conditioning classes, Yoga, Pilates, and personal training.

With about 3,000 homes in the community, home buyers have a wide variety of pricing and style from which to choose. Homes range in price from $200,000 condominiums up to $3,000,000 single-family estates. This number includes the last two developments that developers have recently opened: Alta Verde at Coral Mountain, offering 130 modern styled homes with Balinese influence including the newest sustainable technology and design available, and The Signature at PGA West, comprised of 230 Spanish styled condominiums, homes and estates centrally located in PGA West.

PGA West
Norman Clubhouse – Bar Area

There are three membership options: Social, Sport and Golf. The golf memberships have different options– One option allows play on the 3 Citrus Membership courses as well as the 6 PGA West courses. There are many incentives to join the Club which  can be discussed with the PGA West Membership Directors.

Currently at PGA West there are 202 homes and condominiums for sale. The Residence Club is another option at PGA West that is not included in the 7 communities mentioned, and is a wonderful opportunity for the buyer who really can’t enjoy the Desert for long periods of time, due to work schedules or other personal reasons. It offers fractional ownership in each home (one quarter or one ninth), with residence ownerships available from $139,000 to $194,000.

As you can see, there are many options available at PGA West. A great spot in La Quinta, California.


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What will it be today? Golf, pickleball or both?

Over the last few years I’ve been hearing more and more about pickleball. It’s definitely a sport that is gaining a lot of players here in La Quinta, Palm Desert, Palm Springs and the greater Coachella Valley, and that seems to reflect a growing interest all around the country. According to Tennis Club Business Magazine, pickleball is growing faster than any other sport in the country.

PGA West
PGA West

An abundance of courts
It’s a sport that’s played with paddles and combines elements of tennis, squash and table tennis. The court is smaller than a tennis court (the size of a double badminton court) and often pickleball is played on adapted tennis courts. There are a lot of dedicated players in our area and one pickleball court directory listed 11 places to play in Palm Desert alone! In La Quinta, there are pickleball courts at PGA West.

To give you an idea of how quickly this sport is catching on, one survey of some local tennis courts found that over about a one-month period, 234 pickleball players used the courts compared to 54 tennis players.

The sport gives players a great workout and is a lot of fun while at the same time it’s a bit easier on the body. It started out as a backyard game for kids, then became popular with older players and now there are national competitive divisions for virtually every age group.

Ideal for socializing
Its increased popularity up and down the Palm Springs area is testimony to the active lifestyle here: If you participate in a sport, you’ll find plenty of people to play with when you have a home in La Quinta or any of the surrounding communities. Of course, sports like this are always great ways to meet people and make new friends.

La Quinta Resort
La Quinta Resort

Historically, that social quality has been one of golf’s greatest attributes. Not only is the sport a wonderful way to get some exercise and enjoy the outdoors, golf provides a time when friends and family can enjoy one another’s company and perhaps engage in some good-humored competition. (I also need to mention that by most accounts, pickleball was invented by a couple of golfers who wanted to create something that their kids could enjoy.)

Our Free Golf Course Guide
I’ve told you where some pickleball courts are, but if you want to see the relative location of golf courses here, you need to download our  Golf Resource Guide. You’ll get the “lay of the land” as it relates to all the great courses plus the towns and neighborhoods where you would enjoy living. These include communities like The Mountain Estates, The Enclave, La Quinta Resort Spa Villas, Los Estados, Puerta Azul, Santa Rosa Cove and many more.

Browsing our guide, you’ll see that golf courses including Mountain View Country Club, PGA West, The Hideaway, The Tradition, The Citrus Club, The Palms Golf Club, Silver Rock Golf Resort and many other fabled courses are always nearby. Our guide lays them all out for you so you can get the ideal overview.

When it’s time to go beyond an “overview” and get into the specifics of what best suits your needs, we’re here to answer your questions and help you focus your search. We would be privileged to serve you.


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President #44 Plays 9 Holes

Thunderbird Country Club in Rancho Mirage is certainly accustomed to taking care of high profile guests, but none get any higher profile than the President of the United States, and that’s what happened recently when Barack Obama was in town.

Thunderbird Country Club
Thunderbird Country Club

President Obama’s love of golf is well known—we hear that he’s somewhere around a 16-18 handicap—so it shouldn’t be any surprise that Air Force One is seen occasionally at Palm Springs International. Reports we saw said he played nine holes of golf at Porcupine Creek, Oracle founder Larry Ellison’s place in Rancho Mirage.

The Valley of the Presidents
I wonder if any single valley in the country has had as many presidential visits and homes as our area. President Eisenhower is, of course, one of our most famous aficionados, but he wasn’t the first to discover the area. Herbert Hoover was here in 1936 and FDR was in La Quinta before WWII. And after his years in the White House, Gerald Ford settled in the area.

La Quinta Resort
La Quinta Resort

And that actually brings me to my topic: Publications like Variety have speculated that President Obama was actually checking out property when he was here with the First Lady. I suspect that if the president does decide to buy a home here, one of his main reasons would be similar to what motivates many of our residents: the number of great golf courses in the area. (I’m going to have to see if anyone from the White House has downloaded our golf course resource guide…)

While you might not find yourself in a foursome with a former president, you will certainly be in good company when you golf in the La Quinta, Indian Wells or the greater Palm Springs area. And, whether you’re looking for a retirement home, second home or just a great place to live, this is a the place to be. Of course, living on or near a golf course is nirvana for many of our residents.

La Quinta Resort Tennis
La Quinta Resort

The Royal Treatment
Even if you haven’t been the most powerful man in the free world, you’ll find that you’re treated like a king at all the local facilities. When you start to scout real estate here, some of your most difficult decisions will be choosing between communities in places such as the La Quinta Resort, with its three courses (2 public, 1 private at the Citrus), tennis courts, and other fine facilities.

Boasting three courses and some 10 different communities tucked in, around and near the golf courses, there is a lot of variety available. Everything from large custom homes at The Enclave to the La Quinta Resort Spa Villas condos make ideal locations for golfers and anyone looking for an active lifestyle.

There are many other communities I should mention, but I’ll leave them for a future post. For now, let me just point out our free golf resource guide download. Who knows, maybe the president has a copy on his laptop right now, so when you push the download “button” you could be in very good company.

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A Mixed-Use Development for La Quinta?

Desert living, and the communities here, have always been a fascinating microcosm of the United States. Over the years, people have come here from everywhere—from as close by as the glitzy Hollywood hills to as far away as the snowy Northeast and beyond.

Old Town La Quinta
Old Town La Quinta

A development recently proposed for Old Town La Quinta might bring another dimension to life in this area—a mixed-use “live and work” project (click here for more information).

Many US urban centers have been revitalized in recent years by an influx of affluent home buyers who want to live in the city core for the sake of convenience and being “close to the action.” This has led to developments with retail on the ground floor and condos up above. It has been successful in a number of cities.

Bringing new retail
It will be interesting to see how this project proceeds. It would certainly be a good addition to all the other great options home buyers have in La Quinta and the surrounding communities. Further, we think everyone would enjoy the kind of retail stores and restaurants that typically come with these kinds of projects.

Indian Wells Tennis Garden
Indian Wells Tennis Garden

People have been doing interesting projects in our area for generations and one name that has been prominent is Indian Wells. The Indian Wells Country Club has been host to avid golfers since 1956. Everyone from retirees working to lower their handicaps, to celebrities, to the world’s greatest professionals have played the club’s two courses.

Homebuyers who want to locate near these renowned 36 holes have a lot of options today. And if tennis is your game, you probably recognize Indian Wells as the home of the BNP Paribas Open, often called the “Grand Slam of the West.”

Golf courses in Indian Wells
If you take a look at our free Palm Springs area Golf Resource Guide, you’ll find Indian Wells Country Club just a short distance from the La Quinta Resort. You’ll see that the area is very well situated for shopping and restaurants as well. You’ll also notice that the number of courses in this corner of the desert is truly impressive. Avid golfers don’t need to drive far when they want to test their skills away from their “home course.”

Toscana Country Club
Toscana Country Club

Folks looking for property in the area will discover a wide range of homes in communities such as The Reserve, Toscana Country Club, El Dorado Country Club, Vintage Country Club, Monte Sereno Estates and the Indian Wells Country Club itself, among others. With everything from condos to 8,000-plus square foot homes available, there is really something for everyone in and around Indian Wells.

A great place to start your adventure is with the search feature on our website and be sure to have our Golf Resource Guide handy as well so you can get an overview as you explore properties and communities.

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The Citrus Club in La Quinta is a Paradise on its Own

La Quinta Resort
La Quinta Resort

The Citrus Club in La Quinta is a golf course community located in the heart of La Quinta. It is within walking and/or biking distance to Old Town La Quinta and approximately a mile from the La Quinta Resort. The Citrus offers a private golf course, a lovely Club House, and a state of the art exercise facility. In addition, The Citrus is actually the private club associated with the La Quinta Resort, so if you join the Citrus Club as a golf, social, or sport member, you are automatically a member of the Resort. That adds two golf courses, another club house, an incredible tennis program inclusive of 21 tennis courts, an additional exercise facility, and a gorgeous Spa with a staff that will relax you with many treatments from which to choose. With the membership to the Club comes discounts on the restaurants, golf & tennis shop, and the spa at the Resort. Any of the three Citrus Memberships (golf, social, or sport) is one of the best values in the Desert!

Citrus Golf Club
The Citrus Club

The Citrus Club’s location was once a citrus grove, thus the name. There are still many Citrus trees surrounding the golf course and homes in the community, which make the area picturesque and inviting. The Citrus Club House has a beautiful outdoor patio inclusive of a fire pit (and the best gas fireplace indoors), members enjoy sitting around it after a great day of golf on the Pete Dye 18 hole golf course. The clubhouse’s central dining area and bar are open each day for breakfast and lunch, and three days a week for dinner, showcasing an excellent menu by their accomplished chef. Additionally, breakfast and lunch are served at the club house at the Resort, as well as in the restaurants in that location.

At Gallaudet.com, we are well versed in Citrus Club and other golf communities in La Quinta California, and are happy to discuss prices and differences with you. We enjoy helping our clients find that community that best fits their needs. For information on The Citrus Club, or any other golf course community in the Palm Springs area, please contact us. We are here to help.

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While at the BNP Parabas Open Tennis Tournament, Visit Indian Wells Real Estate

The BNP Parabas Open Tennis Tournament is happening now through March 16! Are you coming? If yes, we hope you enjoy everything that Indian Wells has to offer. We hope, too, that you fall in love with the great city and surrounding area so much that you decide to move here and be part of our great community.

Indian Wells Tennis GardenThe Indian Wells Tennis Garden has just completed an ambitious site expansion with the addition of “Stadium 2” which seats an additional 8,000 fans.  This brings the Garden’s total seating capacity to 41,485, a 17% increase.  Tournament officials expect over 400,000 fans to enter through the gates this year!  Aside from the addition to Stadium 2, the grounds have been expanded and upgraded as well with the addition of over 400 palm trees and 16 acres of new grounds to hold the 17,905 new shrubs and plants!  It was already a world-class experience and now it’s a bucket list experience!

Aside from the aesthetic upgrades, there have also been three high caliber “pop-up” restaurants added for the tournament fortnight: Nobu, The Chop House and Piero PizzaVino.  Anybody visiting the gardens this week will enjoy an an amazing experience.

Indian Wells Golf ResortThe perks for Indian Wells don’t stop at the Tennis Garden either.  Purchasing Indian Wells Real Estate also gives residents substantial discounts and access to hotel pools at all four hotel properties, world famous spas,  fantastic restaurants like the The Vue Bar and Grill, and deep discounts to the highly acclaimed courses at the Indian Wells Golf Resort ($35 per round for the winter season!).  Other local restaurants include Don Diego’s and Vicky’s of Santa Fe.

So whether you’ve come here to play, or to watch the BNP Parabas Tennis Tournament, contact us, and let us help you learn more about the communities and properties available in Indian Wells, like:

Indian Wells Golf Resort

And, exploring the iconic Indian Wells Country Club is like taking a walk through history, where some of our greatest presidents played golf.  If you have questions about how we buy houses Indianapolis and are curious to learn more about the real estate opportunities here in Indian Wells, or ready to see some property here, please click below and get in touch with us.  We look forward to hearing from you!

La Quinta Resort named Gold Medal Tennis Resort

The La Quinta Resort was named a Gold Medal Tennis Resort by Tennis Resorts Online. This online site ranked The La Quinta Resort as the No. 8 best tennis resort in the world. It also named The La Quinta Resort as having the No. 4 best setting in the world. These rankings are based on reviews in 14 categories of excellence. For the “TENNIS OVERALL” category, the Resort received the highest possible rating of 5 tennis balls. The Resort also received superior ratings in the categories of  lodging, cuisine, spa & fitness, romance, kids programs and other recreational amentities. What a wonderful accomplishment for the La Quinta Resort!  For the entire write up go to  www.tennisresortsonline.com.