New Restaurant in Old Town

According to the Desert Sun, , Jan. 8, 2009, the owner, Josh Devane is not new to the restaurant business.  Mr. Devane, who is the son of the actor William Devane, has been in the restaurant business for 20 years and currently also owns the successful Devane’s Italian Restaurant in Rancho Mirage.  The La Quinta Restaurant is going to be a bit different than the one in Rancho Mirage, in that the Italian cuisine is going to be expanded to include Western American food.  A few of the menu choices will be items such as filet mignon quesadilla, wedge salad, oysters on the half shell and New York strip steak.  The interior of Devane’s in La Quinta has been renovated to give a lush, comfortable and inviting feeling, and it will feature a full bar, extended bar menu and happy hour.  I can’t wait to try it!  It sounds perfect for La Quinta!

In addition to Devane’s, Josh Devane is also planning on opening another restaurant in Old Town. VIVA! Cantina & Grill is scheduled to open in March 2009.  VIVA! will feature contemporary Mexican cuisine, and Mr. Devane is just as confident about this restaurant being a total success as he is about Devane’s.

This is all very exciting news for La Quinta, and definitely issues the statement that regardless of the slow economy, La Quinta is a happening spot where people want to be to enjoy life!  The growth doesn’t seem to be slowing!

La Quinta History

La Quinta, California has a very interesting and rich history that includes the conquistadors and Spanish traders of long ago but mainly revolves around the world famous La Quinta Resort which began in 1926. In it’s beginning, the resort was a main house sorounded by several Casitas. It later added a golf course that is currently the La Quinta Country Club. That course was later sold to it’s members and is now a prestigious private club located across the street from the Resort.

Here are some links to get more details on La Quinta’s history.

Wikipedia’s History of La Quinta
La Quinta Resort
La Quinta Country Club

La Quinta also has a Museum and a Historical Society.

Some of the upcoming events hosted by the Historical Society are:

January 24, 2009         Annual Event
Fiesta of History Dinner Dance
Historic La Quinta Hotel
5:30pm  Reservations required  $125.00

February 13, 2009        Brown Bag Lunch Series*
Highway 111 – The way it was 1935 – 1960
11:30am – 1:30pm  La Quinta Museum

March 21, 2009                 Bus Tour and Lunch
Palm Springs Museum, 1930 General Store, Air Museum
Guide: Air Museum Docent Don Arends
9:00am – 3:00pm  Reservations required  $45.00

April 21, 2009         Special Member Event
Secrets of The Hacienda Del Gato
9:00am – meet at the museum for orientation then
Carpool to Traditions for our tour.

May 2, 2009         Brown Bag Lunch Series*
Historical Casitas of the Cove
Speaker: Maggie Gordon, Author
10:45am – 12:30pm   La Quinta Museum

*Brown Bag Lunch Series is free and open to the public
Bring your own lunch – drinks are provided
La Quinta Historical Society
For information and reservations please call
Louise Neeley (760) 345-1106

La Quinta’s Cove

Just south of the city’s “Old Town” section, is a community known as the “La Quinta Cove”. It is a non gated community of about 5,000 homes that was developed in the late 70’s but it’s roots go back to the 1920’s or earlier when the area was known as Marshalls Cove and was used for farming. The majority of these homes are 2 – 3 bedrooms and about 1,400 – 1,800 sq ft but there are several larger homes mixed in also.

The Cove has it’s own association called the “Cove Neighborhood Association” which maintains a website that tells of the Cove’s History and list upcoming events as well as other useful information. Click here to visit the Association’s website…

The “Cove” runs from Old Town south up into the mountains and at the south end you can find the trail heads for the many hiking trails that lead you up to many scenic vistas. Click here to visit the trails and parks section of the City of Lq Quinta website

Click here to locate the Cove on our search map.

House Numbers

While using the map to search for properties, it is hard to know which side of a street the house is on because the icon may appear to be in the middle of the street. The house number will tell you the homes orientation. Odd house numbers are on either the west or south side while even numbers are on the north or east side.

On north-south streets, the first 2 digits are from the “Avenue” to the north. So if you were driving south on Jefferson, as you pass Avenue 48, the addresses would be 48-001 to 48-999 and then you would be at Avenue 49. So, if you saw an address of 50-123 you would know it was just south of Avenue 50 on the west side of the street.

East-west running streets are a little different in that ‘anchor’ streets have names. 78000 numbered homes start on the east side of Washington St. north of Fred Waring (Ave 44). Between Fred Waring and Hwy 111, Washington Street moves to the east so it can continue south next to the Santa Rosa Mountains so 78001 is a little west of Washington Street south of Fred Waring. 80000 is at Jefferson, 81000 is at Madison, 82000 is Monroe, Jackson is 83000 and Van Buren is 84000 etc.

One exception to this rule is when a street curves – an east/west street may continue it’s numbering system as it bends into a north/south street or vice versa.

If only Hwy 111 was parallel to anything, this valley would be really easy to find you way around in…