Searching For Properties

If you’ve come here to look for property, take a look at the Search Properties page.  It’s a map based search page using google maps and our local Desert Area MLS data.  (NOTE: The MLS data is updated every 25 minutes, so it’s always fresh and accurate).

There are 3 “levels” on the map: City, Community and Property levels (you can see these levels marked on the zoom bar on the top left part of the map). The city and community levels have aggregated information from the MLS about each city and community.  If you click on one of these color coded polygons, a popup will appear with this information (ie how many homes are for sale, average price per sqft etc.) There are 4 different types of Communities: “Gated Golf Course”,
“Non-Gated Golf Course”, “Gated Community” and “Non-Gated Community”.
These are distinguished by different colors and the legend for these colors is on
the “Map Layers” tab on the left side of the page.  You can choose to hide
or show whichever type of community you’re interested in.

If you zoom into the property level, you’ll see yellow icons that represent homes for sale. Click on one of these icons and you’ll get another info window with a few stats and a link to “view details”.  This link will give you a new page with full property details on that particular home.  If the property you’re looking at is on a public street (and not within a gated community), make sure you scroll down on the details page to see the google street view picture of the house. Street view is cool — you can move the image around to see the neighborhood and exterior of the house.

The website has both homes and land listed.  To search land, click on the “Land” tab on the left side of page and initiate your search.  Land icons are square and different from the home icons.

The search “filter” box on the left part of the page (which is the box with the “Residential”, “Land” tabs etc.) is intended primarily for the property level of the map. The only filter criteria that will work on the community level is price, so if you search for property in La Quinta between $500,000 and $700,000 and you’re on the community level on the map, the system will highlight the communities that have properties for sale in that price range (but if you search for other criteria like beds, pools, foreclosures, it won’t show this info until you zoom into the property level). Lastly, you can always search by “List” too and see your results in a more traditional list format.  There is cool feature on the list page too: If you start your search on the map, the property results on the list page are tied to the map page.  Whatever is on the map will appear on the list. It’s sometimes handy to zoom into an area on the map, and then look at the list page to view a list of properties on that map screen. All the columns on the list page are sortable, so you can sort by price to see the least expensive home available within the boundaries on the map, or sort by community to group the homes together by community.  You can always use the filter to search by City and Community on either the map or list page to bring up all properties available in a specific community. This is just the beginning! Play around and see what you think.

Thanks for visiting and please send us your thoughts.

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