Better Weather in The Desert!

Hi Everyone!  Happy October 1 in the Desert!  The hot, hot weather seems to have suddenly disappeared and we are just starting to have some beautiful days.  Today it is supposed to be in the 80’s.  The days are beautiful and sunny as always, but now it is almost back to the Desert that beckons us outside.

I say “almost” because we are now going through the grass change time, or the more appropriate name being “scalping time” on the golf courses.  This is when the summer golf course grasses (the bermuda grass) are let to go dry and die.  Then the dead grass is scalped down to the dirt and new winter grass (rye) is planted.  Within a few weeks the grasses turn a beautiful green and the new “Season” is upon us.

So, with all this being said, now is a great time to come to the Desert, not sweat to death, and buy a home while they are still great deals, and before the season begins and the crowds arrive!