Cap & Trade Law

The Cap & Trade law that we are hearing about on the news (or not) is basically a law that will legislate a cleaner environment. It rewards “green” companies and taxes not so green companies. The law is very complex and I clearly have not read it all but… I want to alert you to one provision that will some day affect us all. The law provides for the setting up of yet another governmental bureaucracy that will send government inspectors to your home when you list it for sale and inspect it to make sure your home is compliant with all the current “green” laws and if it is not compliant, the home owner will have to bring it up to standards before it can be sold. This probably (hopefully) won’t be a big deal if you live in a home only 4 – 5 years old but how would you like to be living in a 150 year old New England farm house… or even a 30+ year old home in the La Quinta Cove? We all need to keep an eye on these new laws some of them will have a devastating affect on our future!