La Quinta’s Cove

Just south of the city’s “Old Town” section, is a community known as the “La Quinta Cove”. It is a non gated community of about 5,000 homes that was developed in the late 70’s but it’s roots go back to the 1920’s or earlier when the area was known as Marshalls Cove and was used for farming. The majority of these homes are 2 – 3 bedrooms and about 1,400 – 1,800 sq ft but there are several larger homes mixed in also.

The Cove has it’s own association called the “Cove Neighborhood Association” which maintains a website that tells of the Cove’s History and list upcoming events as well as other useful information. Click here to visit the Association’s website…

The “Cove” runs from Old Town south up into the mountains and at the south end you can find the trail heads for the many hiking trails that lead you up to many scenic vistas. Click here to visit the trails and parks section of the City of Lq Quinta website

Click here to locate the Cove on our search map.

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