La Quinta Resort is having a Facelift.

If you have driven past the entrance to the La Quinta Resort lately, you have noticed that it is all torn up!  Some residents have been nervous about why those landmark cypress trees have been torn down.  Well, the answer is all good news for La Quinta!  The old cypress trees (over 60 years old) were removed because they have become diseased and tired.  They are being replaced with 100 younger cypress trees and 40 palm trees, which will give the entrance the same elegance with an upgrade. I just drove past today and it is already looking even better than before!

In addition to the entrance, the Resort face lift includes a total renovation to the main pool and the snack bar area. On Thursday, Dec. 4, 2008, The Desert Sun had  an article about all the scheduled renovations that will be taking place within the next 2 years at the Resort.  It is all very exciting and such positive news  at a time when we don’t hear much of that!

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