Restaurants To Satisfy Everyone’s Tastes

It doesn’t seem that long ago when the majority of restaurants served “American Cuisine.” It might be a little hard to define, but if you’re like me, you know it when you see it.

Today, folks who pay any attention to diet and nutrition trends in our country knows that there are many streams in contemporary eating, nutrition and restauranteering, and no matter what dietary road you’re traveling, you’ll be able to find great food in the Coachella Valley whenever you decide it’s time to eat out.

I suspect that this is true because of our intimate connection with Southern California’s trend setters. If it’s popular in Hollywood or Beverley Hills, it’s going to make its way to Palm Springs, La Quinta, Indian Wells and the greater desert area very quickly.

The Tropicale in Palm Springs
The Tropicale in Palm Springs

Let’s visit some favorites. The menus in these restaurants aren’t always entirely reflective of the diets listed, but have enough excellent items to satisfy diners trying to stick to their preferred foods.

The Paleo diet features foods that were available to our ancient ancestors and is rich in lean proteins – including grass-red meat; fruits; vegetables; fats from seeds, nuts and avocados; olive oil; and fish oil. Restaurants that meet the needs of this diet often have close relationships with local growers and ranchers.

Some restaurants preferred by the Paleo crowd include, Workshop Kitchen + Bar, The Tropicale, Jiao and Birba, all in Palm Springs.

Vegan and Vegetarian
La Quinta Souplantation and Zpizza are popular choices for vegan and vegetarian cuisine in La Quinta. Zpizza also caters to those sticking to a gluten-free diet.

In Palm Springs, vegetarians and vegans enjoy the Palm Greens Cafe, Nature’s Health Food and Cafe, and Native Foods Cafe.

Juices are a great choice for a meal or snack and there are lots of places in the Coachella Valley to quench your thirst and sate your appetite.

Mountain View Country Club
Mountain View Country Club

The Fresh Juice Bar in Palm Desert always gets high marks. Also in Palm Desert is Luscious Lorraine’s Organic Juice & Food Bar. Vegetarians will also find a good menu at Lorraine’s. In La Quinta we really like Juice It Up!

I apologize to the great places that I haven’t mentioned here. I just wanted to give readers a quick overview and perhaps a few places to visit when they come to look at property.

Because the the compact size of our area, whether you buy La Quinta real estate, Indian Wells real estate or frankly real estate anywhere in the greater Palm Springs area, you’re going to be close to excellent eating, even if you’re trying to stick to a more specialized diet.

This means you can enjoy an afternoon of golf on one of the courses at the La Quinta Resort, The Tradition Country Club La Quinta, PGA West La Quinta or at the Mountain View Country Club La Quinta for example and be only minutes away from meeting friends and family at a great local restaurant.

To offer you a little extra help, if you download our free Palm Springs Golf Guide, you’ll find that we also give you the locations for many excellent local restaurants. Download it today and start planning your visit.

Of course, we’re just a phone call away to answer any questions you have and fill you in on current real estate market offerings.

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