A Slice is a Good Thing at these Pizza Restaurants

Do you know how in some communities most of the automobile dealerships tend to be located in one area? It makes it convenient for shoppers to hit a lot of new car showrooms and used car lots without having to drive all around town.

We have a similar setup with pizzerias in the La QuintaPalm Desert area. A person could sample good pizza at a different restaurant every day for more than a week without ever having to leave a short stretch of El Paseo, which is the business section of Highway 111.

Your trek might start at the Haus of Pizza (72795 Hwy 111) then ramble down the road to Stuft Pizza (72840 Hwy 111). Next up could be Sammy’s Woodfired Pizza and Grill (73595 El Paseo) or the Copper Oven (73196 Hwy 111) followed by The Hood Bar and Pizzeria (74360 Hwy 111) or perhaps Piero’s PizzaVino (73722 El Paseo).

Stuft Pizza La Quinta
Stuft Pizza – La Quinta

Let a thousand pizza styles bloom!
Are you getting the picture? I don’t know exactly how this incredible concentration of quality pizzerias occurred, but – like any true pizza connoisseur – I’m glad it did. Talk to locals and you’ll find folks who swear by their favorite among this lineup and I think that demonstrates that no matter how you prefer your pizza, you’re going to find a great restaurant offering your favorite style.

Many of us love the food at Stuft Pizza. They have a wonderful wood-fired oven that makes their hand-tossed crust something very special. And, like many of the restaurants listed above, their offerings go far beyond pizzas and include pasta, steak, seafood, sandwiches and more. They also feature a very long wine list and impressive selection of craft beers. There is also a Stuft Pizza in La Quinta, which is so popular that it is always busy, no matter what time of year!

You’ll need to go on your own pizza adventure to see which aligns best to your tastes. But lest you put on a few pounds while you’re conducting your research, there are some good ways to work off those calories right in the area.
Cahuilla Hills Park is nearby and that’s where you’ll find the trailhead for the Cahuilla Hills trail system. It also has a tennis court and four pickleball courts, a sport that is rapidly growing in popularity.

La Quinta Country Club
La Quinta Country Club

Golf is great exercise too!
And if you want to burn some calories on the golf course, La Quinta Country Club and La Quinta Resort are not too far from the “pizza district.” And that brings up another fact: the concentration of great pizza restaurants in La Quinta, Palm Desert, Indian Wells and the Palm Springs area in general may only be topped by the concentration of great golf courses here.

To pinpoint the exact location of golf courses and many of the areas best restaurants, be sure to download our Golf Resource Guide. It’s a free guide and it gives you a bird’s eye overview of almost the entire Coachella Valley.

For example, if you want to see the location of golf course properties in and around courses such as the Citrus Club, The Palms Golf Club, Silver Rock Golf Resort, Painted Cove and many more, this is the guide you need to see.

And when it’s time to take your search for the ideal home to the next level, just give us a call or drop us an email so we can help out.

Here’s to your enjoyment of desert living, golf…and pizza!


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