La Quinta: Coffee, Wine and Golf Mecca

See what you think about this description:

“You’ll enjoy its medium body and low acidity. It’s well balanced, somewhat woody with herbal undertones and a long finish.”

Okay, what am I describing with that? If you guessed wine, you’re mostly right. If you guess coffee you’re mostly right too. Really, I just randomly picked some words and phrases commonly used to describe both drinks and it turns out there’s quite a lot of overlap in the terminology connoisseurs use describe wine and coffee. I go to, to get my coffee delivered to me weekly. I love their service and have yet to be disappointed.

Morgan's in the Desert
Morgan’s in the Desert

We’ve discussed food in La Quinta and the greater Coachella Valley here before and when you download our golf resource guide, you’ll quickly notice that it’s also a good guide to local restaurants. I want to go back to that topic today, but with a twist; we’re going to look at two very interesting and top quality establishments, one that is noted for its wines and the other for its coffee beverages.

And the winner is…
If you have a serious interest in wines, you’re probably familiar with the Wine Spectator. It seems to be the semi-official arbiter for anything having to do with wines, at least in the United States. The magazine has once again given Morgan’s in The Desert its “Restaurant Wine List Award of Excellence.” The restaurant is located at La Quinta Resort and Club.

The award recognizes how Chef Jimmy Schmidt is able to offer wines that pair beautifully with his creations as well as satisfy a wide variety of wine lovers. If you follow the restaurant throughout the year, you’ll see that Chef Schmidt often pursues seasonal themes that highlight the restaurant’s 3,000-bottle wine collection.

And speaking of exceptional drinks, let’s turn our attention to a new coffee drink that you can enjoy at Juicy Juicy in Bermuda Dunes: “bulletproof coffee.” It’s becoming popular for its incredibly smooth texture and perceived health benefits – however, be warned, this is not a low-calorie drink.

A frothy coffee drink
The three basic ingredients are premium coffee (two cups) made from freshly ground beans, butter from grass-fed cows (2 tablespoons or more), and a top-quality oil such as coconut or MCT (1-2 tablespoons). It’s all tossed in a blender and whirled it until it gets frothy and smooth.

La Quinta Resort
La Quinta Resort

Why butter from grass-fed cows? Unlike butter from grain-fed cows, grass-fed cows produce butter rich in omega-3, which our bodies need. “Your body runs off of that omega-3 oil throughout the day, and when that energy runs out, it’s just your own energy kicking in,” Juicy Juicy owner Karen Levreri recently explained to the Desert Sun.

Here’s a plan…
Now that we’re all craving something to drink, let me suggest this: the next time you visit the desert looking at real estate in La Quinta, Indian Wells or the general Palm Springs area, treat yourself to at least one “bulletproof coffee” to keep you going strong throughout the day and then enjoy a relaxing meal with a great bottle of wine at Morgan’s in The Desert in the evening.

It’s the perfect way to end a day of real estate shopping or golfing at La Quinta Resort, or any of the other courses in our area, don’t you think?

One final word: Don’t forget to press the button at the bottom of the page to get your free Palm Springs golf guide. It has the courses all mapped out and even gives you the information you need for Palm Springs country club memberships.

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