Old Town La Quinta: A Unique Desert Oasis

Southern California is famous for a lot of things, but something that is in short supply here is the unique and cute downtown area, especially in smaller communities. I’m not sure, but I think maybe the concept of the “strip mall” was invented in California.

Old Town La Quinta
Old Town La Quinta

This is one attribute that makes La Quinta stand out from many of the neighboring communities. Visitors are always impressed by Old Town La Quinta and local residents are grateful to have such a diverse group of shops, restaurants and services all centered in one picturesque setting.

Fittingly, Main Street runs through the heart of Old Town La Quinta. Brick sidewalks, palm trees, the Spanish architecture and bougainvillea create an “Old California” feel. And with the mountains framing the entire scene, it’s really a drop-dead gorgeous setting.

Great shopping, fine dining
But it’s probably the boutiques, restaurants, salons and spas that are really the draw. It seems more difficult than ever to find one-of-a-kind items when you’re out shopping today. That’s not the case in Old Town La Quinta. You’ll discover things here that you’ll never see in the big mall stores.

In a similar way, the restaurants all do something a little different. There are none of those homogenized national brands where you get the same menu if you’re in Tampa or Toledo.

Proximity to golf
If you’re a golfer, whether you’re playing the Tradition, Rancho La Quinta, PGA West or virtually any of the others in the area, you’re only about five to 10 minutes from Old Town La Quinta.

PGA West Golf Course
PGA West

The La Quinta Resort has three of its own courses, the Mountain and Dunes which are public, and the Citrus which is private. Home shoppers have 10 gated residential communities to explore and compare there as well as several communities and courses that basically surround the La Quinta Resort.

If you’re like many of the folks who settle in our area, you’re looking for a lifestyle that doesn’t put you behind the wheel of your car for hours each day. That’s why having your home, your recreation and a prime commercial district such as Old Town La Quinta all nestled in with each other makes such a positive impact on the lifestyle here.

With not having to drive miles between home, golf and shopping, people suddenly find that there are more hours in the day to do the things they want to do.

You can’t put a price tag on that. However, we have put a price tag on our area golf guide: it’s free. Hit the button below and download it today so you can have your own copy.

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